Therapeutic Services

Drawing on my extensive holistic knowledge and experience, I offer a very high standard of hands on treatment, lasting from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. This results in faster recovery and fewer repeat visits. With each treatment I give advice on general health and well-being, management of the condition, with the emphasis on self help. Self- referral is common but it can also be via GP or other health professional.

I offer the following:

- One to one assessment in the clinic or home visits at your villa 

- A wide variety of treatment skills: mobilisation of joints and tissues eg: fascia, connective tissue, Trigger Point Therapy

 Therapeutic Massage, Medical Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology

-  Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Transmitting  heat in joints and tissues using Acupuncture Points)

- Pain management advice

- Back care exercises and prevention

- Pelvic floor training and postural Alignment

- Therapeutic Exercises i.e. Pilates and Yoga  Hydrotherapy: Exercises in the pool:

- Self-help exercise Programme specific to condition

- Relaxation and stress management

- Shiatsu- japanese acupressure treatment 

- Psychological support and advice

- Liaison with your referring practitioner where appropriate

 Contact me or make an appointment on  +1784 528 2525 or email